Co-ops are the church scattered; small to mid-sized spiritual communities on mission together seeking to bring church to people, instead of expecting people to come to us.

Made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, stories and spiritual journeys; each of our co-ops meet together throughout the week all over our city and are learning to connect deeper with God, radically love one another, and engage and serve their respective neighborhoods and communities in real and tangible ways.

Whether you consider yourself a skeptic, seeker or a long time Jesus follower, we've got a place for you to belong. Find a co-op near you from the list below, then complete the following form.

A co-op leader will get in touch with a personal invite and details to their next co-op gathering!

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Soda Pop Co-op
Leader: Austin
Day + Time: Thurs @ 6:30p
Location: Downtown Bellevue

Boost Co-op
Leaders: Winnie + Wing
Day + Time: Fri @ 6:30p
Location: Mercer Island

FIZZ Co-op
Leader: Mikkel
Day + Time: Fri @ 7p
Location: Lakemont


Co-op Chateau St. Bothell
Leader: Allen
Day + Time: Wed @ 7p
Location: Bothell


Seattle's Best Co-op (SBC)
Leader: Bryce
Day + Time: Thur @ 7p
Location: U-District

Co-op on the Ave
Leader: Jen + Delina
Day + Time: Wed @ 7p
Location: U-District


Nesquik Co-op
Leaders: Kaela + Laurie
Day + Time: Fri @ 9:30a
Location: Kennydale


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Watch Pastor Royce’s sermon on Co-op Sunday 2018 to learn more about the heart and vision behind our Co-ops.