Internship Opportunities


We believe in equipping and empowering the next generation of leaders for life and ministry inside and outside of the church. Whether you are interested in exploring your ministry calling and purpose, discovering your God-given gifts and talents, need to gain some practical hands on professional work experience, or simply wanting to grow in your faith by immersing yourself in God’s heart and mission — we’ve got an internship for you.

Learn more and apply below.

The Experience

Our unpaid internships are designed to give an immersive and up-close experience in vocational ministry by providing a dynamic mix of theological education, spiritual formation and practical hands-on experience that will strengthen your ministry gifts and clarify your missional calling in life. Throughout the internship you will have an opportunity to:

  • Explore personal calling & vocational discernment

  • Get practical hands-on professional and ministry experience and training by engaging in a variety of meaningful ministry-related roles and responsibilities

  • Receive mentorship, coaching and spiritual direction by pastoral staff and key leaders

  • Experience firsthand the inner workings of a variety of aspects of our church organization

  • Opportunity to attend leadership gatherings and meetings with Pastors and staff

Do you fit the role?

We believe culture and fit is so important to the success of any job or position. If you can answer ‘yes’ or want to answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions, then there’s a good chance you’ll get a lot out of the internship.

  • Do you thrive in new, diverse and rapidly evolving environments where you are constantly being challenged to grow professionally and spiritually?

  • Are you a calculated risk-taker who loves starting new initiatives and also creating the structures and systems to grow and sustain them?

  • Do you love learning, receiving feedback, pursuing excellence, solving problems and thinking out-of-the-box to keep things fresh and always improving?

  • Do you have a collaborative working style and enjoy team dynamics?

  • Are you detailed oriented and self motivated with strong verbal and written communication skills?

  • Do you have a strong commitment to personal integrity, faithfulness, spiritual formation and wholeness?

  • Do you care about diversity and are a culturally competent individual who thrives in multicultural environments?

Current Openings

Take a look at the following internship opportunities and see if there’s something that resonates with you. If you don’t see something that quite fits, but you’re still interested in finding a way to intern with us, shoot us an email at


  • Create and send weekly email newsletter & special email campaigns

  • Post updates and announcements to website, church app, Facebook and Instagram

  • Write and curate compelling content for website & social media channels

  • Work with design teams to create necessary graphics for web, social media and Sunday media slides

  • Develop a social media strategy and assist with planning and executing marketing campaigns

  • Manage our church CRM database


  • Assist with creating graphics and implementing branding assets to be leveraged across multiple mediums and channels

  • Work with media team to film, create and edit video content for social media platforms

  • Assist with recording sermons on Sundays and at other key events and activities

  • Take photos at events to be leveraged for web and social media platforms

  • Work with communications and social media teams to develop coordinated marketing campaigns


  • Assist in designing, coordinating and executing the Sunday worship experience from start to finish

  • Coordinate and manage Sunday ministry volunteer teams

  • Work closely with pastors, worship director, ministry leads and A/V production team to ensure that everything from setup to hospitality to programming to cleanup is aligned and executed

  • Assist in planning and coordinating logistics for other Sunday events, ie: Next Steps class, Education Ministry, church-wide leadership gatherings, and Fourth Sunday Serve

  • Help coordinate and plan other church-wide events & activities


  • Foster strategic partnerships and alliances with other community organizations, businesses and non-profits that can advance the common good in our cities

  • Assist with establishing and organizing short-term and long-term serving opportunities and partnerships for Fourth Sunday Serve

  • Research and survey current needs in surrounding communities and help develop solutions, programs and ministries that can address them

  • Bring in key community leaders and voices to share, speak and train our church on social issues and initiatives around community development, diversity, reconciliation and justice

seattle campus OUTREACH & community catalyst INTERN

  • Help develop and oversee outreach initiatives for Seattle campus

  • Lead and execute grassroots marketing and promotional campaigns

  • Build relationships to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion

  • Establish strategic partnerships with surrounding churches and non-profits

  • Help launch new co-ops and coordinate key events and activities in the community

  • Assist in programming Sunday services and supporting ministry teams and volunteers


  • Assist with leading, teaching and facilitating children’s ministry on Sunday mornings

  • Research, develop and prep kids curriculum, crafts and other creative activities

  • Work with children’s ministry directors to develop a strategy for reaching more children & youth

  • Participate in special events and activities

  • Assist with scheduling, training, supporting and recruiting children’s volunteers

Internship Dates & Application Deadlines

While exact internship start/end times, amount of hours, and specific roles/responsibilities can be customized and adapted accordingly on a case-by-case basis, summer internships will run from July through September. Internships generally require a commitment of anywhere from 10-20 hours per week and are typically unpaid. Application deadline is June 15th.