Common Good Leadership Team Nominations

For those of you who consider Common Good Church your home, we would like to give you an opportunity to nominate potential candidates that you think would be a good fit to serve on the Leadership Team for our upcoming fiscal year (September 2019 - August 2020).

Please take a look at the following Leadership Team roles, responsibilities, qualifications, and nomination process; and then prayerfully submit your nominations to no later than August 25th.

Leadership Team Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The primary role & responsibility of a Leadership Team member is to advise Pastors in discerning and making important decisions that impact and affect the church.

  • Leadership Team members are committed to regularly attending monthly LT meetings (of course it's expected that there may be meetings missed due to scheduling conflicts; we're not legalistic but do take this role seriously) with occasional requirements to attend ad hoc meetings on a per need basis, and work on projects between meetings individually.

  • LT members will assist with responsibilities for the church that are unique to LT members (finances, facilities, logistics, etc), and are committed to serving in a ministry or leadership role outside of LT commitments to ensure that they have a direct pulse on the congregation at large.

  • Term of service: 1 year (September 2019 - August 2020).

Leadership Team Qualifications:

  • Leadership Team members must be committed Common Good Church members. While we don't have official church membership at this point, we consider members of the church as those who are on board with the mission, vision and values of Common Good and are regularly attending, serving and financially giving.

  • LT members demonstrate the following characteristics:

    • Chemistry: Is this person contributing to the overall health of our team and church at large? Is this person a good fit relationally and culturally for the team and church?

    • Character: Is this person intentionally pursuing ongoing transformation through a growing relationship with Jesus and consistently (not perfectly) living with integrity in their relationships?

    • Competence: Is this person demonstrating the leadership abilities and specific ministry-related skills required for their position? Is this person continually learning and growing in these competencies? Are their skills a good fit for Common Good’s mission?

    • Capacity: Is this person able to effectively contribute their time, energy and resources to serve in this capacity without neglecting other ministry duties, family, work, pleasure and personal care?

Leadership Team Nomination Process & Timeline:

  1. Email with your nominations. Include in email the nominee’s name and a brief paragraph as to why you are nominating that person.

  2. Open nomination period by congregation will run for 2 weeks from August 11th until August 25th.

  3. Pastoral interviews, discernment and selection will take place during the last week of August.

  4. 2-week congregational commenting period of selected candidates will happen early September.

  5. Install/announce new Leadership Team members end of September at our annual Family Matters gathering.