Day 18 — U District Service

#DETOX is designed to prioritize God in the new year as we allow him to cleanse and renew our souls (Psalm 51:10). Together, we are committing to 21 days of prayer and fasting so that we might come into greater alignment with God’s will, purposes and plans believing and trusting in His power alone to create lasting impact and change in our lives, our church and our world.

Over the course of our #DETOX journey, we will have a daily prayer focus that will help guide and unify us as a community in prayer as we seek God's heart together on a variety of topics. You can find an overview of our daily prayer focus topics here. The following post is meant to serve  as a reminder and inspiration on what and how you might pray on today's prayer focus, but should not limit how God leads you in praying. Be sure to follow along daily at our #DETOX Daily Blog here.

Prayer Focus: U District Service

With 2019 well under way, the brand-new U-District Popup Services are officially going weekly in February! This is a new and exciting experience as Marketplace multiplies into two services to meet the needs of a constantly changing congregation. Although it may be challenging and outside of our comfort zone, I am excited to see where God is leading Marketplace as it enters this community.

As a recent UW grad myself, the memories of last minute panic as I crammed for finals or the all-nighters pulled to submit assignments at 11:59 PM are all too fresh in my mind. It really is a miracle that I survived those four years (thank you, God). Despite the fast-paced and busy environment in the U-District, I think that God has something greater in store for all those in this community. My hope as we plant this new service is that we would be able to push past our own barriers to bring people into a safe place where they can engage with God and learn more about the Gospel. Before we get to specific prayer needs for the U-District service, here is a verse and some questions to reflect on the state of our own hearts.

In John 6:26, Jesus rebukes a crowd that has gathered around him and says “Truly, truly, I say to you, you are seeking me not because you saw sign, but because you ate your fill of the loaves.” In verse 35, Jesus goes on to say “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” Jesus says these things after he feeds the five thousand, and I think it is often easy to take the provision that God provides in life for granted. We often come back to God just to have our worldly needs met, and while God is capable of fulfilling any need, Jesus points us to the most important need for an eternal life that goes beyond our physical ones.

  • What things in your life do you currently take for granted?

  • What would it look like for you to surrender your worldly desires and to seek out “the bread of life”?

As the U-District ministry begins, here are some things that we as Marketplace Church can pray for:

  • For God to utilize Marketplace to spread the Gospel more intimately and powerfully in the U-District through this service

  • For all those who will be transitioning to the U-District for service to feel empowered by the Holy Spirit to help lead this ministry and to bring in new people into the Marketplace community

  • For God’s provision in all the logistics that go into starting a new service in a new place

  • For open hearts in both current and future Marketplace members to be transformed by Jesus

— Daniel K.

Royce Yuen