Day 10 — Embracing Diversity

#DETOX is designed to prioritize God in the new year as we allow him to cleanse and renew our souls (Psalm 51:10). Together, we are committing to 21 days of prayer and fasting so that we might come into greater alignment with God’s will, purposes and plans believing and trusting in His power alone to create lasting impact and change in our lives, our church and our world.

Over the course of our #DETOX journey, we will have a daily prayer focus that will help guide and unify us as a community in prayer as we seek God's heart together on a variety of topics. You can find an overview of our daily prayer focus topics here. The following post is meant to serve  as a reminder and inspiration on what and how you might pray on today's prayer focus, but should not limit how God leads you in praying. Be sure to follow along daily at our #DETOX Daily Blog here.

Prayer Focus: Embracing Diversity

When I think about what drew me to seek out Jesus for myself, I can’t help but be incredibly thankful for the community that truly embraced me in the depths of my darkness. That despite all of my flaws and insecurities, there were people who showed me a Jesus-like love that I’d never experienced before. Now think about if we, as a church and body of Christ, were to exude this same type of love, and not just to our friends and family.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” -Galatians 3:28

As a first generation Christian, the way I now love and embrace others is very much the result of understanding that Jesus is love. Understanding that He loves us no matter what color, social status, financial income or mental health state. He accepts us in spite of our past relationships or sins- past or present. He embraces it all, and it is truly the unity and love of God that transcends any ethnic, social or gender distinctions.

Now if we were to really understand this fam, wouldn’t it be so much easier for us to fulfill the greatest commandments of all? To love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves?? As simple as it is, love is actually something we often neglect in a relationship, or something we are super selective with. But if you think about it, love isn’t something someone chooses that they may or may not want/need. At the end of the day, we’re all human with basic human needs and desires. We ALL crave and yearn for not only a superficial love, but a deep embrace.

So as we focus our prayers today on embracing diversity, my hope and prayer is that we ask God for a deeper understanding of what a Christ-like love looks like. That we can pray and ask for God to widen our hearts not only to our communities, but to the oppressed, shunned and outcasts of our communities. That we can love wholeheartedly without any judgement, and that we can only continue to discern and accept His embrace.

— Delina T.

Royce Yuen