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Workshop & Discussion: Faith, Church & Politics


As the midterms have just completed and whether you voted or not, politics affects us all. The role of faith in politics brings up a variety of views that contradict one another. These views are often related to questions about the faithful life such as: should Christians run for office? should Christians be loyal to one political party? is it a Christians duty to vote and be involved with politics? why should Christians even care about politics?

Answers to these questions all center around a thoughtful understanding of following after Jesus according to the whole gospel as revealed in scriptures. This workshop will include much opportunity for discussion and teaching. RSVP below.

// What: Faith, Church & Politics

// When: Sunday, December 2nd

// Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

// Where: Soma Towers Lounge (3rd floor)

// Format: Brown Bag (bring your own lunch) workshop & discussion